Bristol Tutor Company is pleased to offer the English GCSE Equivalency test which can help people to gain entry to higher education or open up more job opportunities. The English GCSE equivalency tests are usually taken by prospective trainee teachers who are looking to get onto a teacher training course which can enable them to work in UK schools as a qualified teacher.

At Bristol Tutor Company we are working with MME to provide the GCSE equivalency tests. MME follows the UK Government curriculum so it covers all the core fundamentals English language and prepares everyone for the exam. The exam will test you on the core skills of punctuation, spelling, grammar and comprehension.

MME provides all the best revision resources to give all learners the best possible chance of passing their GCSE English equivalency. The materials included in the course are GCSE English revision cards, 2 mock papers which are professionally marked, 3 practice papers are their mark schemes and access to the fundamentals of English revision online course.

Depending on your provider, the GCSE English test will take between 1.5 and 2 hours long and can be taken within your own home using a laptop or computer with a webcam and will be invigilated by an Ofqual approved invigilator. Once the exam is complete you will send it back using a prepaid envelope and should receive your results within 2 weeks.