Free Functional Skills Courses


Bristol tutor company is allowing all students access to a free Functional Skills level 2 course in Maths and English, our free Functional skills course is a  GCSE equivalent qualification that prepares learners for their exams. Upon achieving this qualification you will be granted access into further education, universities and apprenticeships schemes. We have an informative article below that explains how you can access the free Functional skills course, however if you’ve decided you want immediate access you can sign up now by using the link provided below. 


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Free Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course


Our leading Functional skills Maths course is one of the most popular courses that we offer, thousands of adult learners and school leavers take this qualification each year. This course is a  GCSE equivalent qualification that can be used to gain entry into University courses and builds up practical skills that are sought after by employers. So to sum this course up briefly there are hundreds of thousands of learners who take this exam each year. You can sign up for a free level 2 maths course below, included is a pre-assessment which assesses the learner to see where they are at skillswise and it will highlight key areas of improvement to work on.


Free Functional Skills level 2 Course



Free Functional Skills English level 2 Course

Bristol Tutor Company are providing a free functional skills English level 2 online course that learners can access, The course covers the core topics including Comprehension practice, spelling, grammar and punctuation, The level 2 English qualification is made up of 3 parts including the reading and writing components as well as the SLC, If our learners require additional support we can provide them with the support for the speaking listening and communicating (SLC) part of the qualification in addition to the reading and writing aspects, register for our free English course now by completing the form on the link provided below. 


Free Functional Skills Level 2 Online Course