At Bristol Tutor Company, we have collaborated with Pass Functional Skills to help people get their functional skills qualifications. This service will allow you to prepare for your functional skills exam and will offer you assistance to book your  Ofqual-regulated exam.


Functional skills qualifications are vital for those who do not have a GCSE in maths and English. The functional skills exams are the best alternative to the GCSE exams.This is because they demonstrate an understanding in both of these subjects. These qualifications make it easier to find work in the UK as they are what recruiters are looking for. Obtaining a level 2 qualification or higher is always welcomed as they are needed to get into a higher educational course.


Functional Skills Level 2 Qualifications 

Level 2 qualifications are recognised by universities, businesses and course providers as they are similar to a level 4 qualification.  Due to the pandemic, Ofqual, with the other exam boards, have created online functional skills exams that can be sat from the leanears home as long as they have access to a computer and a webcam. These exams are very similar to the exams that we previously offered. Below are the links to all essential materials that can be used to prepare for the exam and the booking pages.


The level 2 maths and English qualifications that we suggest are always controlled by Ofqual. Bristol Tutor Company can offer you qualified tutors to help you pass your exam for the first time and can give you advice if you need help with your exam.  


Functional Skills Level 1

Pass Functional Skills are committed to helping learners earn their level 1 maths and English qualifications.This personalised website has everything you need from revision materials to previous papers. The following link is a collection of the essential level 1 maths and English papers and useful revision material..



Remember to think of Pass Functional Skills when it comes to level 1 and 2 related exams.