We at the Bristol Tutor Company believe that learners of all ages deserve the best support possible when it comes to earning qualifications. One of the best options out there right now is the GCSE equivalency tests. These tests are the perfect way to proceed into higher education for many different careers like nursing, midwifery and teaching. It can also be used for entry to major Universities as well. Not forgetting how useful it can be for international students that have no GCSE grade C in maths, English and science or equivalent qualifications and are in need of exactly that. The GCSE equivalency tests are of the same high standards as GCSE board specifications like AQA and Edexcel, and can be taken in a much shorter period of time. 


Most Universities accept GCSE equivalent qualifications but all learners need to be mindful when picking a provider. There are two that are accepted by all Universities and we recommend that you stick with them, with our top recommendation being A Star Equivalency. All instructions and details about how your exam day will go will be sent to you once you have booked it in. Where and when you will be taking the exam is completely up to you as it can be taken at home with the help of online invigilation and it runs 6 days a week. The GCSE equivalency tests are known for how flexible they are.  Results will come back in 2 weeks and you will be given a certificate. You will also be given a code that will be unique to you to verify your qualifications. 


Here at the Bristol Tutor Company, we also provide learners with the opportunity to have 1-2-1 learning support. If you feel like you are struggling in a certain area of a subject, we have tutors for maths, science and English who would love to help you progress. It is important that all students get the right support and that they feel confident heading into their exams. Contact us today for more information on tests and tutoring.