What are functional skills? 

Functional skills are a grade C or above in English and Maths and ICT. They will improve anyone who does not have a GCSE grade C or above to progress into higher education or those wanting to apply to universities or apprenticeships. A big quality of life is seen from completing functional skills courses.


What are functional skills qualifications used for? 

The most important reasons and by far the most popular, is to simply progress in life; whether that be looking to apply for university or to progress in a career. The qualifications achieved by passing Maths and English are the most important as that’s what employers and universities look for first. Some examples of careers are nursing, teaching or policing.



What are the functional skills grades and pass marks? 

Being a pass or fail only qualification means that you are only needed to get a certain percentage (depending on the exam) to pass. This can range from 50%-60% and is equivalent to a grade C in GCSE. 


How do I register for a functional skills qualification?  

You can register by getting in contact with an Ofqual exam center, one such center is Pass Functional Skills. Once contacted, you will then be put onboard and set up with course materials and ensured that your certificate when the course has been completed is recognised. 


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