Helping others is always a great feeling, here at Bristol Tutor Company we aim to do just that. We offer our support to students of all ages to pass their functional skills exams in maths and english. Functional skills exams are incredibly popular as they offer a GCSE grade C and are able to be done in your own home and in your preferred time making these exams very flexible. To pass the exams, great revision resources are needed to start things off. The functional skills maths level 2 book is the best place to start.


A good functional skills maths revision guide will offer everything needed to begin your revision period. These guides will contain all the relevant information needed that will come up in the exam. This revision guide will also offer ways to structure your revision sessions and on top of this practice questions are included to test the knowledge you have learnt.


The Link below is a blog that lists and summaries two functional skills maths books. 

functional skills maths level 2 book 


You can buy these books directly off amazon and these are also able to be selected for next day delivery. As well as these books, there are other resources available such as revision cards and past papers. Please contact Bristol Tutor Company for any more information.