Bristol Tutor Company helps people to prepare for functional skills English level 2 exams. This functional skills qualification is a perfect opportunity for you to kickstart your career in the working world. This qualification is the equivalent of a GCSE, meaning that it is highly sought-after by not only employers but also most universities in the UK, allowing you to meet the requirements for your dream job or course.

The English functional skills exam is provided by our partners at MME, who preform a variety of online exams remotely. By taking this exam, you are able to earn your qualification whilst in your own home, and only requires you to own a computer or laptop with a working webcam and microphone so you can effectively communicate with your Ofqual-approved invigilator who will be overseeing you while you take the exam. On the day of your exam, the invigilator will send you an invitation to an online video call prior to the exam, where they will help you get ready for your exam.

The exam itself consists of 3 parts: Reading, Writing and the SLC. Each of these separate exams will be testing different areas of your knowledge, but all of them will be determining your knowledge of the English language. The first exam you will be sitting is the Reading exam, which will last 1 hour and will be testing your abilities to analyse and respond to a variety of texts given in the exam. This exam will also be sat with the Writing exam, which will take place directly after the Reading exam. The Writing exam will also last 1 hour long and will be testing your abilities to write in complex sentences and complete pieces of creative writing. Finally, you will be required to pass the SLC, or the Speaking, Listening and Communication exam, where you will be tasked to give a presentation to an invigilator along with 3 other learners on a topic given to you prior to the exam.

To earn the qualification, you are required to pass all 3 of these exams. Once you have completed these exams, you will hear your results within 16 working days via email including whether or not you have passed and how well you did in each section.

The functional skills level 2 English online exam is available for purchase on the MME website, with the basic package priced at £225, which includes the online exams and an abundance of revision materials to help you pass your exam.

We can also recommend Pass Functional Skills as a provider of top-notch Functional Skills English level 2 exams.