15 Oct

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Past Paper

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At Bristol Tutor Company, we help our students prepare for their functional skills maths exam.One key part of an effective revision plan is past paper practise. This article will help you access the level 2 past papers and then show you how to use them as part of your revision plan.   The functional skills [...]

5 Oct

BCU Equivalency Test

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Those interested in applying to Bristol Tutors teacher training programmes should look at undertaking a BCU equivalency test. The BCU equivalency test does not apply to other initial teacher training courses or other Universities. As the BCU exam is an internally devised test, it has not been externally moderated or standardised. Therefore, there is no [...]

5 Oct

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online

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At Bristol Tutor Company, we help our learners with everything functional skills related. We offer specialist tutors that will help you prepare for your exam.   Functional skills maths level 2 is a GCSE equivalent that is needed if you don't have a GCSE qualification. It is equivalent to a GCSE grade C or level [...]

20 Sep

GCSE Equivalents

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There are a plethora of GCSE equivalent qualifications for maths and English that people take in order to gain entry into University and increase the chances of getting employed. The most relevant GCSE equivalent qualification depends on which course you are planning to do or doing. The following guidelines should help you to determine which [...]

25 Aug

Pass Functional Skills

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At Bristol Tutor Company, we have collaborated with Pass Functional Skills to help people get their functional skills qualifications. This service will allow you to prepare for your functional skills exam and will offer you assistance to book your  Ofqual-regulated exam.   Functional skills qualifications are vital for those who do not have a GCSE [...]

20 Aug

Online Functional Skills Maths

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Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction As the ongoing pandemic has pushed us all to modify our lives and behaviours, studying and taking exams online is now becoming the norm. This was already the case due to the increase in popularity of online exams, the pandemic has accelerated this shift significantly.    Online Functional Skills Maths [...]

18 Aug

Equivalency Testing Price

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At Bristol Tutor Company we ensure our prospective trainee teachers to help them get onto their initial teacher training course. Within the requirements of becoming a teacher you must achieve a GCSE in maths and English at grade C or level 4. For international students and those who have not yet achieved a GCSE in [...]

4 Aug

GCSE English Equivalency test past papers

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Here at Bristol Tutor Company, we ensure people are prepared for their English equivalency test. We offer our assistance from providing expert English tutors to recommending the very best resources.    In order to prepare for any exam, getting access to the best resources is important and the equivalency tests are no different. A very [...]

28 Jul

Free Functional Skills Courses

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Free Functional Skills Courses   Bristol tutor company is allowing all students access to a free Functional Skills level 2 course in Maths and English, our free Functional skills course is a  GCSE equivalent qualification that prepares learners for their exams. Upon achieving this qualification you will be granted access into further education, universities and [...]

4 May

Equivalency Testing

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At Bristol Tutor Company, we are delighted to announce that we are now working alongside A Star Equivalency to offer you GCSE Equivalency Tests. A Star Equivalency is one of the most recognised equivalency test providers amongst companies and training providers. Equivalency exams are taken in the comfort of your own home and can be [...]